Maybe I found myself; Maybe I’m just hungry…


     It’s Tuesday afternoon and something has changed; much like the radiant blue skies which is now a dark gray blanket, pregnant with rain. 

     A new wisdom rests upon my head like a crown on a king, and now that I think about it, I hate it all: the bland wallpapers, the recycled air coughed up by tired air condition vents, the boring charts of the human anatomy perching on white walls, the outdated magazines on the bureau drawer, the Gothic wall-clock. Most especially the Gothic wall-clock whose presence in a hospital is an irony in itself.

     I finally understand that which leaps at me from the gloom of my subconscious, like the soft blue flame of a lit candle held out on a cold winter night- close enough that I almost feel its warmth, yet far enough that I still can not see beyond my nose.

     I finally unearth the germ- the answer to a question that has haunted me for the better part of twenty-two years, buried deep within the vast, encrypted space that is my mind, cruelly suppressed by the mundane nature of my existence. 

     What do I truly want from Life?


     I want to see the world- travel across historic cities, visit the birthplaces of the greatest works of art, meet interesting people, eat weird food, intoxicate on foreign wine, maybe even fall in love with someone who speaks in a language I don’t even understand.

     I want to live, see new things, experience new life.

     I want to go out there, where happiness resides. And I want to embrace it.



Tic Tok…What would you do? II



2am in the morning…you wake up, drenched in sweat! You’d left your windows open after the announcement on cable news that the black out would last for a few more days!


The room is pitch black…the only trace of lighting is from the far distant moon engulfed by threatening misty clouds.


Somehow you manage to make out the silhouette of a human in the corner; leaning against the wall, arching the back, as if planning to get down on all fours.


You blink more than a thousand times to be sure your mind isn’t just playing tricks on you!


You can see the menacing eyes staring at you, so you blink a thousand more times!


Its still there, those cold eyes that scream doom; trained right at you, peeking into your very soul, probing and judging!


You reach for your glasses, but its not on the bedside drawer, the usual spot for about a decade! Who could have moved it?? today of all days!


Desperate, you reach for your bedside lamp to turn it on! You have to see that its just your mind playing tricks on you. it has to be, for your sake, it just has to be. The other case scenario is simply unthinkable!


You manage to find the rope-switch. You thug it so hard anyone could be forgiven for thinking you were auditioning for a part in the world strongest man series!



Nothing happens…


…Clark! Clark!! Clark!!! You thug harder and faster…still, nothing happens


“Why isn’t the damn thing working?” your mind screams at your brain for an immediate explanation! Then the dumbass remembers there is a nationwide blackout!


Those pair of cold blue eyes start getting closer to you. You can tell by the way they increase in size with each passing second and also by the gentle thuds of footsteps approaching!


You brace yourself for the worst; whatever it is, you tell yourself you aren’t going down without a fight!


Something shiny appears for less than a second and sends chill running down your spine!



“Oh God no” you let out a small cry! This isn’t a movie! Whatever this creature is, it has fangs that looks like they could chew through concrete without as much as a scratch!


Cold wind pushes through the curtains and chills the bids of sweat on your face!


“This is it. This is what last moments feel like” you say!


A flash of lightning reveals your worst nightmare and stops your heart for a moment!

Shiny white fangs, dripping with sticky saliva! Paws so large you imagine it standing on top of you, crushing your throat while the beast shreds your skin to pieces!


The beast climbs on your bed and stands directly on top of you…for the first time,you see its complete form.


Standing at just about 4ft tall, its the scariest thing you’ve ever seen. Its breath so hot you can swear it burned the hair on your skin.


You swallow hard, your entire life flashes before you, you manage to smile as you savor your last moments…


The beast hesitates for a moment and gives you the window of opportunity for one last cause of action….


If it was you…..what would you do?




You know how in the movies they build time machines and travel throughout different points in history? yeah I know, you wish you had one of those too. I mean who wouldn’t?…Those friends we wish we’d never met, those lovers we wish we never had, and those choices we made we wish we could take back…all that, we could change with just the push of a button. I think It’s only fair we had such a device, after all, we are only human and we make mistakes each and every single day. It’s just how we are hardwired.

Just what will you do if you could actually control time? Now, I’ve got you thinking, haven‘t i? The possibilities are endless. Personally, If I could control time, first thing I’d do is go into the future, cram all the answers and questions to any test or exam I’m about to write, go back to the present day and ace them. Excellent grades without the need or having to study, now that’s just Heaven!

Thinking deep, we could really change the entire course of history. We could travel back in time and change the events leading to the 1st and 2nd world war, sound warnings and evacuate people who lost their lives in natural disasters, save our loved ones who died in terrible auto crashes…we could do a lot more than you and I can imagine right now. Once again, it’s an endless list. It’ll be a happy world…or so it would seem.

But, there’s a huge problem; if we all could control time, it’ll be an ideal world. The concept of reality, the only thing that keeps us human, sane and in perspective would be lost forever. We’d go back and forth in time so much, nothing will make sense anymore. Our destinies are all connected; changing history to suit you could change someone else’s live for worse and unless we reached a compromise every now and then, we’d have to fight each other for control…and inevitably, world war 3 would be born. We’d stop two past wars from happening but start a modern warfare with deadlier weapons and much higher stakes; the survival of humanity.

I know you’ll suggest creating one general government and giving them the ultimate control over time but we’d run the risk of having them use it for their own personal gain. I’m not paranoid but I don’t trust anyone around that kind of power. Hell, I don’t even trust myself, so a complete stranger I don’t know from jack stands NOT a chance.

All in all, a time machine only exists in the movies and it’s going to stay that way for the rest of time. That is unless you manage to build one, which in my humble opinion is entirely impossible for a million and fifty reasons I won’t be talking about.

Best advices this author can give though, live your life to the fullest. Deal with the consequences of your actions. And remember, you only live once!