The Valentine’s Day Massacre II: The Monster Within..


Thunder rumbles in the distance. You stand there, looking out the window of the cheap motel room.
The rain is pouring hard but the sound is completely drowned by the drumming beats of your heart.
Lightning sparks in the heavens, illuminating the dark room for a moment, revealing the body of a woman; flabby, laying on the floor –in a pool of dark colored liquid, legs sprawled in an awkward position
The room is in total disorder, so is your world!
How had you become this maniac?
Your wandering mind pulls you to…
February 13th … (14 Hours Earlier)
In the same position, looking out a window, this time in the living room of your tiny apartment. The rising sun casts a beautiful orange glow in the sky. For a moment, you hang there, admiring the artistry of nature.
The electric kettle whistles in the kitchen, pulling you back to your living room.
You make yourself a hot latte, pick up a newspaper from the dining table and settle back in the living room, munching on a couple slices of sandwich.
Each sip of the latte; Edgy. Exquisite.
You chuckle at an article that says “Valentine in 24hours, break up now and save your bank account!” Nearly spilling coffee on your neatly pressed shirt.
You step out of your house –to work. But first, a detour to make sure everything is perfect for tomorrow.
A quick stop at a wine shop, a bouquet store and a 3-star hotel ensures you’re ready for tomorrow.
Your phone buzzes in your pants –the boo is calling.
You answer the call, talking all through the ride to work. There’s an uncomfortable feeling creeping up on you but you shake it off.
You look around but no one seems to pay you attention. People just whiz past as though you weren’t there and the ones that do, can only manage a weird smirk on their faces.
“Stupid fucks” you say. “How could they not notice this dashing, strikingly good looking demigod walking in their mist?” you utter in irritation.

The rest of the day flies by pretty quickly, and you’re back in your apartment, about to grab a shut-eye because tomorrow, oh tomorrow is going to be one helluva day– with a lot of rolling, tumbling and humping. Uh huh! A wide grin stretches across your face.
You’re going to need all your energy but just as you’re about to close your eyes, you get this weird text.
You jump out of bed and rush out of your apartment…
Your heart is racing.
“How could it be?”…
A few passersby give you a strange look, then it hits you– you aren’t wearing any clothes!
You dash back into your apartment, shove on your slacks and a shirt, then rush out again…
Half a mile into your ‘voyage’, you see the blinking neon lights of a garage store. “Joey’s Tool House” it reads.
You rush in there, screaming until you find a chainsaw and just like that, you’re out of there again, running with more determination.
A hapless Joey just stands there, unsure of what his next move should be after you screamed something about sawing off his genitals if he made a wrong move or thought about calling the cops.
A chainsaw in hand, you make your way to the destination, taking a moment to catch your breath.
Its a 3 star hotel but there’s no way they’ll willingly let you in without a not-so-gentle suggestion of psychotherapy and maybe solitary confinement in a prison somewhere in columbia where foreigners are eaten for lunch and their organs saved for desert.
so you go around back, ‘in good faith’, peeking through windows but you don’t see anyone of interest and just as you’re about to give up, a familiar sound from two storeys up nearly stops your heart in an instant.
The soft moans that describe a humping and romping session in progress sends rage flushing through your veins. You’ve never felt so angry.
You look around and you’re in luck, perhaps hades himself has picked a special interest in your cause. A rope lays fallow on the ground. You gingerly wind it around the chainsaw, sling it over your shoulder, then spiderman your way up to an open balcony attached to the room where the sound was coming from.
The cool night breeze sends chills down your spine. The couple haven’t noticed you yet, they are too engrossed –which is perfect because you have the ultimate surprise party planned…
You take a step in … someone’s butt is about to be meet cold, rip-teethed metal


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