Queen of Hearts…



I call her the queen of hearts…the finest piece of heavenly arts

She has been the love of my life for as long as I can remember. Its everything about her that I love and can’t get over.

Even as a 9yr old kid, I thought she was the most beautiful being walking the face of the earth, perhaps the Lord had intended for her to be an Angel, anything other than a mortal!

I’d spent my early pre-teen years gearing up to talk to her, trying to figure out the right words to say to her, trying to impress her and get her to notice me.

Whenever she smiled, my heart would skip a beat. It was the second most beautiful thing I’d seen after her eyes.

Her eyes could make the sun, the moon and the stars jealous. They could light up the entire universe and still have enough light to guide me through my darkest days.

Over a decade and change have passed but I still feel the same way I did back then.

I still remember the first words we said to each other…

How our eyes and souls connected. I could see the future…my future, and she was right there in it.

The quest to steal her heart forever as she’d done mine is all I’ve ever known. A cause I’ll gladly risk my life for.

She’s the queen of my heart and the love of my life; the one I’ll always cherish irrespective of whatever happens in the future.

If I’m lucky enough, we’ll grow old together in a big house with a white picket fence and beautiful grandkids running all over the place.

But I’m content, knowing that I’ve loved and have been loved by the most incredible woman in all of our generation.

And that, is what makes me smile every time I close my eyes and go to bed.


There’ll never be any man luckier…


Tic Tok…What would you do? II



2am in the morning…you wake up, drenched in sweat! You’d left your windows open after the announcement on cable news that the black out would last for a few more days!


The room is pitch black…the only trace of lighting is from the far distant moon engulfed by threatening misty clouds.


Somehow you manage to make out the silhouette of a human in the corner; leaning against the wall, arching the back, as if planning to get down on all fours.


You blink more than a thousand times to be sure your mind isn’t just playing tricks on you!


You can see the menacing eyes staring at you, so you blink a thousand more times!


Its still there, those cold eyes that scream doom; trained right at you, peeking into your very soul, probing and judging!


You reach for your glasses, but its not on the bedside drawer, the usual spot for about a decade! Who could have moved it?? today of all days!


Desperate, you reach for your bedside lamp to turn it on! You have to see that its just your mind playing tricks on you. it has to be, for your sake, it just has to be. The other case scenario is simply unthinkable!


You manage to find the rope-switch. You thug it so hard anyone could be forgiven for thinking you were auditioning for a part in the world strongest man series!



Nothing happens…


…Clark! Clark!! Clark!!! You thug harder and faster…still, nothing happens


“Why isn’t the damn thing working?” your mind screams at your brain for an immediate explanation! Then the dumbass remembers there is a nationwide blackout!


Those pair of cold blue eyes start getting closer to you. You can tell by the way they increase in size with each passing second and also by the gentle thuds of footsteps approaching!


You brace yourself for the worst; whatever it is, you tell yourself you aren’t going down without a fight!


Something shiny appears for less than a second and sends chill running down your spine!



“Oh God no” you let out a small cry! This isn’t a movie! Whatever this creature is, it has fangs that looks like they could chew through concrete without as much as a scratch!


Cold wind pushes through the curtains and chills the bids of sweat on your face!


“This is it. This is what last moments feel like” you say!


A flash of lightning reveals your worst nightmare and stops your heart for a moment!

Shiny white fangs, dripping with sticky saliva! Paws so large you imagine it standing on top of you, crushing your throat while the beast shreds your skin to pieces!


The beast climbs on your bed and stands directly on top of you…for the first time,you see its complete form.


Standing at just about 4ft tall, its the scariest thing you’ve ever seen. Its breath so hot you can swear it burned the hair on your skin.


You swallow hard, your entire life flashes before you, you manage to smile as you savor your last moments…


The beast hesitates for a moment and gives you the window of opportunity for one last cause of action….


If it was you…..what would you do?