Tic Tok..what would do??


Picture this…

Wednesday, April 23rd 2012, 5:00am

You wake up on the right side of the bed. For some reason you’re excited about work today. There’s nothing interesting about work, you’re never tired of complaining to anyone unfortunate enough to stick around and listen. But today, it’s different.

You jump out of bed, do the 2 step, hmm your favorite song and head for the shower. What could be the source of this unusual excitement? Maybe it’s the prospect of getting down with the attractive new employee in the office or maybe it’s the promotion…whatever it is, you’re convinced you love it.

You get down to your usual routine; clean up, eat breakfast and catch the morning headlines before you get dressed.

You only dress in front of a mirror on Sundays when you absolutely have to look good but today, you pick out your favorite suit, dress up in front of the mirror and go “damn, I look good”

You absolutely hate public transport and prefer to drive to work every day but you’re in the mood to try something different, so you drop your car keys and decide, public transport it is…


You’re in the bus, it’s everything you hate but you don’t seem to mind. Weird enough, it’s a little funny seeing the whole drama going on.

Headset on, you put your iPod on shuffle and your favorite song comes on. WOW! This day couldn’t get any better, you think.

Just then, an old man making his way to the back seat, smiles at you and says something. You can’t make out what he said but from what you managed to pick out from the movement of his lips, it looked like he said “if …you…be here”

It makes absolutely no sense, so you conclude he’s crazy. Too many senile old people in this part of town you say to yourself. A few minutes later, you start to feel really uneasy, like someone was staring at you, so you turn back only to find everyone in the bus staring straight at you and then almost simultaneously flash you an evil grin.

Is everyone who uses public transport weird or just crazy??…you think as you slowly turn around only to find an old woman missing all her front teeth standing directly in front of you, staring straight into your eye like she’s trying to peek into your soul. You can feel her breath and if you move even a millimeter forward, you’ll end up kissing her.

What the f*** is going on?? You mutter under your breath…suddenly you don’t like today anymore. What is it? You absolutely hate your job, there was no attractive new employee or a promotion…hell, you don’t even own a car!


A kid walks up to you. You hadn’t noticed him earlier but there’s something familiar about him. You have absolutely no idea where he came from. Why wasn’t he in school? You ask yourself.  Maybe he was on holiday. Then it hit you, you had seen this same kid in the papers some weeks ago…He’d been run over by a car on his way to school. Why was he here? you ask yourself again, shouldn’t he be dead???

He smiles politely at you and the words he utters next nearly stops your heart in an instant!

Then you completely make sense of what the old man had said earlier.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t be here”…

The kid tells you everything you did earlier in the day but the only things you pick out are “you have just 2 hours to live”…..

What would you do????


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