You know how in the movies they build time machines and travel throughout different points in history? yeah I know, you wish you had one of those too. I mean who wouldn’t?…Those friends we wish we’d never met, those lovers we wish we never had, and those choices we made we wish we could take back…all that, we could change with just the push of a button. I think It’s only fair we had such a device, after all, we are only human and we make mistakes each and every single day. It’s just how we are hardwired.

Just what will you do if you could actually control time? Now, I’ve got you thinking, haven‘t i? The possibilities are endless. Personally, If I could control time, first thing I’d do is go into the future, cram all the answers and questions to any test or exam I’m about to write, go back to the present day and ace them. Excellent grades without the need or having to study, now that’s just Heaven!

Thinking deep, we could really change the entire course of history. We could travel back in time and change the events leading to the 1st and 2nd world war, sound warnings and evacuate people who lost their lives in natural disasters, save our loved ones who died in terrible auto crashes…we could do a lot more than you and I can imagine right now. Once again, it’s an endless list. It’ll be a happy world…or so it would seem.

But, there’s a huge problem; if we all could control time, it’ll be an ideal world. The concept of reality, the only thing that keeps us human, sane and in perspective would be lost forever. We’d go back and forth in time so much, nothing will make sense anymore. Our destinies are all connected; changing history to suit you could change someone else’s live for worse and unless we reached a compromise every now and then, we’d have to fight each other for control…and inevitably, world war 3 would be born. We’d stop two past wars from happening but start a modern warfare with deadlier weapons and much higher stakes; the survival of humanity.

I know you’ll suggest creating one general government and giving them the ultimate control over time but we’d run the risk of having them use it for their own personal gain. I’m not paranoid but I don’t trust anyone around that kind of power. Hell, I don’t even trust myself, so a complete stranger I don’t know from jack stands NOT a chance.

All in all, a time machine only exists in the movies and it’s going to stay that way for the rest of time. That is unless you manage to build one, which in my humble opinion is entirely impossible for a million and fifty reasons I won’t be talking about.

Best advices this author can give though, live your life to the fullest. Deal with the consequences of your actions. And remember, you only live once!


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